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Keith Trosclair

Owner / Designer

The Early Years

It seems like just yesterday, I started my career at Kinko’s on Terry Parkway located on the Westbank of New Orleans. I am still grateful that my talent was recognized and was given a chance to pursue my passion of creating great design.

What Came Next

All good things must come to an end they say… Well, Kinko’s Copy Center was closing its doors. I was offered many opportunities to transfer to other location and even work for other print companies, but I made a bold move and opened up my own business. Of course I had no building, just my apartment and a lot of phone numbers, and that’s how I established my first business relationships. Things quickly took off from there!

The Future

As my business and “Family” grew, I eventually purchased my first home from which I ran my business for many years. Providing high quality print and design for local churches, restaurants, small businesses and more was not just a job…It was fun! So I finally took the leap into the unknown and opened my first “Real” commercial business. I can’t wait to see what comes next thanks to the many clients and friends who made it all possible.